From design to final creation, the owner of 6Whips takes pride in every handmade creation. With over 13 years in the leather trade, and three generations of leather artisans in the family, he was quickly able to apply his skills and his passions, specialising in kink and fetish finery. There isn’t a detail that is overlooked when creating products that are not only functional in all aspects but also beautiful in design. Each new design is tested and put through the paces before sale, and from the stitching on each flogger loop, to the subtle details added to each collar to ensure a comfortable fit, quality is always the priority and attention to detail an absolute must. Joe and his wife Sebrina, work with passion and integrity, taking pride in each creation and each customer whose lives we touch in some small way. With products that are made to be enjoyed for years to come, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

About Our Leather

There’s a saying in the leather trade - If it’s “genuine” leather is clearly isn't genuine.

Sadly the term “genuine leather” is used across the globe as a branding for bonded leather or coated leather, which although may contain some element of leather, isn't what you think. Genuine leather generally refers to leather particles that are glued together, sometimes on a fabric backing, or a combination of the thin underbelly of leather coated with glues, polyurethane and other noxious goodies. Over a short time "leather" that peels and splits is an excellent sign of a "genuine leather product” and won't stand up to the test of time. 

When looking for any leather products, look for “top grain” or “full grain” leathers. These leathers are the real deal and regardless of whether they still have a natural pebbled finished, or a highly polished wax, these reliable leathers will last you for many years to come.

So what about us? Our leathers are all 100% top and full grain leather, from family run tanneries we trust and have worked with for years, and available in colours and finishes that remain relatively constant throughout the years. We don’t purchase “odd lot leathers” at a discount because we want you to be assured of the quality in every piece and if you buy something today, and want something to match years down the road, we want to be there for you.

We also steer clear of “craft quality” deer, suede, cowhide or other common hobby leathers. Craft hides are generally thinner and have more stretch and pull then a higher quality selection. Our suede, for example is 3/4 oz, where some other commercially available floggers are only 2 oz at best. Some flogger makers will add in a larger number of tails to make up for the thin material, but you may still end up with a really flimsy impact and something that may not last in the long run.


Each of our floggers are carefully counterbalanced, making the flogger more comfortable to swing and helping to keep the tails in a tighter grouping. Counterbalancing a flogger means that during construction, care is taken to ensure the weight of the handle is in perfect balance with the weight of the tails, with the point of balance usually being where your index finger rests while gripping the handle during swing.

Careful attention is also paid to the details in each flogger. The tails are tipped to provide greater sensory options, allowing you to pull back on your swing and “wisk” the ends for a bit more sting. Straight lines and tight plaiting are an absolute must on every handle and finishing touches like our sewn belt loops, and intricate knots, finish each and every piece.

Each flogger is custom made to order with lots of tail, handle, and colour options making it something to personally cherish, and enjoy for many years to come.